VATSIM traffic display

Version History
Version 0.9 2013-05-15 now supporting sectionals and low/high IFR charts as backgrounds
Version 0.8 2013-01-30 upgraded to latest Leaflet and now support weather radar display
Version 0.7b 2012-10-30 moved to dedicated hosting at Amazon - will evaluate cost and feasibility.
Version 0.7a 2011-12-19 moved main pages from Google Maps to Leaflet.
Version 0.6b 2011-04-27 detail flight page displays nav fixes from flight plan.
    detailed flight page displays current session position history
    double click on flight icon to go directly to detailed pilot report
Version 0.5b 2009-10-08 detailed ATC and Flight pages.
    added support for observer ATC.
Version 0.4b 2009-10-06 sortable ATC and pilot data lists.
    navigation menu.
    beta designation.
Version 0.3a 2009-10-04 added ATIS message to ATC info window.
    added data update time display.
Version 0.2a 2009-10-01 added support for persistent map type.
    displays planes on ground only when zoomed into airports.
    allow hide/show of all ATC types and aircraft.
    added aircraft on ground with no flight plan to airport departure list.
    fixed bug - no known arrival airport causes blank display of departing flight.
Version 0.1a 2009-09-25 Initial alpha