VATSIM traffic display

About This Application
Overview Vatview is a web-based application that displays the current online VATSIM network traffic.
It allows access to the current online traffic via a web browser and utilizes Google's familiar Google Maps interface.
Features Displays all VATSIM online connections, pilots and ATC.
  Completely web-based - no client to download, view from any machine.
  Filter data by all ATC types, airport, or air traffic.
  Pilot detail now displays some flight plan fixes as well as current flight history.
  Persistent state - automatically saves last zoom level, location, and map type.
IMPORTANT UPDATE 11-3-2012 - Bluehost booted us for using so much bandwidth. So we're trying Amazon EC2.
  Let us know how it's working! And please consider donating to defray our hosting costs. Thank you!
Known Issues IE is not showing FIR and APP boundaries or flight tracks.
  Some freezing after some length of use. -- FIXED